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Our Story...

Kevin & Keith are best friends but more like brothers and were both servers at a restaurant before the idea of prepLIFE was conceptualized. They would spend a lot of time together working out, playing poker & going out to eat a lot (they shared the same love for food). One day, after a workout, they went to a local Waba Grill for a post workout meal & to plan their evening together. Over meal conversation, Kevin mentioned that it would be cool if there was a place where you can walk in and order a fresh hot healthy meal with good quality options & flavor, then a light bulb went on in Keith's head. That's when Keith asked if there were any places like that now & they began to do their research over the next month. After researching the concept of meal prep delivery services locally & nationally, they began the legal process to start a business... prepLIFE was born.

They started telling all of their friends & family about the business they started & created an instagram account to start marketing their services. They took orders by phone call, text message & Email, go to local super markets to purchase goods & they would cook out of Kevin's dad's house for 3 months. It would take them 14 hours or longer to complete cooks from start to finish and they would do the deliveries the next morning, some times on little to no sleep. Within that time, they saved enough money for a security deposit to operate out of a shared commercial kitchen. From that point on, they worked hard to grow, improve & innovate their business for the next 5 years.... and here they are!

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