prepLIFE Affiliate Program
Our Online Service is Temporarily Discontinued

prepLIFE Affiliate Program


Our affiliate program is simple, fast & can be financially beneficial. You can start earning up to $100 in commission your first month, you can create a passive income source & add value to yourself by providing a great service! 

Promote our Services!

With our menu of over 100 options with Keto, Specialty, Low Carb, Vegan, Paleo & A La Carte we can cater to almost any diet or meal plan provided.

Our nutritionist generates nutrition panels for all the meals we prepare, so you can easily choose meals to plug into your clients/customers diets or meal plan. 

We have competitive & affordable pricing with a minimum order 5 meals to accommodate any budget big or small. Along with our service we offer FREE delivery on all orders for even a better convenience.

How do you earn?

When you client orders, you earn 10% on the sale & on ALL sales! 

Conversions are tracked & ran through our affiliate software. Our program tracks conversions with 3 triggers. 

1- Email Trigger

You submit your client's email & when they order using their email you get the sale.

2- Discount Code

Promote your own custom discount code to anyone & on any platform. When a customer orders using your code, you get the sale.

3- Web Link

You will have your own link, when anyone clicks on your link & orders, you get the sale.

Passive Income!

We offer a subscription option for client orders where their order will recur every week. When you set up a client on a recurring order, your commission is recurring too! A cool way to create passive income for yourself. 

How & When do you get paid?

Commissions are paid out Bi-Weekly & processed through our company pay roll compliance system. Payments are only through direct deposit & 1099 forms are issued at the end of the year for tax purposes. Easy, right?

How do you start? 

Click on "Register Now" below. You will need to agree to the terms & service of our program & submit a direct deposit form so we can pay our your commissions. Once you register, you will be approved within 1 day. Join today & start earning!