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Kevin & Keith both started and collaborated prepLIFE while working at a restaurant together. They were both waiters and after a night of work dreading the next day for another same routine, prepLIFE was born. They pursued it because of their drive to give others a chance to improve their nutrition the way they've been improving theirs. They both knew that it takes hard work at the gym but that it takes the same amount of effort in the kitchen. The food you put in your body will give you the results. That is what they lived by and that is what they're giving people. With their expertise in working at a restaurant and hard work in the gym, meals were created. Many can now enjoy their dedication and love for healthy meals. They both knew meal prepping should be done the prepLIFE way. 


No one has time to meal prep every week. So we prep, cook, portion & deliver high-quality meals to give you more time and eat healthy stress free. PrepLIFE is the number one meal prep service company through our innovation and dedication of creating healthy, delicious meals. This is how a partnership started. For the love of food and a healthy life. For the desire for greatness and serving others. We hope to serve the ones who are looking to live a healthier life. The ones who are striving for significance. The ones who can tune out the noise and break records. We are here to give those that chance. 


We simply want to inspire, motivate and create a healthy lifestyle that supports the way you live...starting with what you eat.


Here at prepLIFE we take special time and effort to work with our distributors in delivering high quality meats, seafood, and produce. We only work with the best. Even our creation of signature meals, we make sure we get the taste just right. Next, we ensure our meals are sized proportionally in proteins, carbs and veggies. Last, we deliver them fresh. Never frozen. Nothing is frozen in our kitchen. That is the prepLIFE way.